A reprint of a rare, much-sought-after 1960s-era children’s book beloved by the graphic design world and children’s book collectors, Puff’s midcentury modern aesthetic will appeal to adults and children alike. A design darling, Puff by William Wondriska illustrates an imaginary world in which sometimes the small but brave gestures are important. Puff is a tale about an old-fashioned small steam engine who lives a very unexciting life in a train yard. Puff daydreams that he could swim or imagines travelling to such distant lands as Egypt, India, France, and even to outer space. Puff’s chance to prove his mettle finally arrives when a newer modern engine pulling circus cars breaks down during a snowstorm. Puff bravely hooks to the cars and manages to bring the circus into warm sunshine. Playfully mixing type with bold graphics, Puff is a beautifully illustrated and charming underdog story that will appeal to design fans and people of all ages.


William Wondriska is a renowned graphic designer and children’s book author and illustrator who was active in the mid-twentieth century. In addition to his work in promotional design and advertising, Wondriska wrote eleven books for children, including A Long Piece of String (1963), The Sound of Things (1958), and All by Myself (1963).

Children's Book, 4-8
32 Pages

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