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Pink Coconut Aromatic Body Oil - 100ml
Wild Plum + Cypress Aromatic Body Oil - 100 ml
Neroli + Pepper Radiant Body Scrub - 195g
Neroli + Pepper Nourishing Body Butter - 250ml
Herb + Petal Soothing Bath Soak - 630g
Vanilla Moon Radiant Body Scrub - 195g
Vanilla Moon Soothing Bath Soak - 630g
Babassu + Mint Revitalizing Foot Butter - 50ml
Vitamin B5 + Mango Rich Hydration Hand Cream - 50 ml
Dry/Curly Hair Conditioner Bar
Safety Razor - Cream
Safety Razor - Cream Sale price$54.00
Shave Oil Mini - 40mL
Shave Oil Mini - 40mL Sale price$18.00
Citrus Shave Soap
Citrus Shave Soap Sale price$14.00
Bath Oil - Settle
Bath Oil - Settle Sale price$27.00
Single Serve Soaking Salts - Rose
Single Serve Soaking Salts - Ivory
Solstice Hair + Body Oil - 50mLSolstice Hair + Body Oil - 50mL
Sea Mist Sea Salt Hair Spray - 200mLSea Mist Sea Salt Hair Spray - 200mL
Everyday Oil - Warm Feelings 2oz
Everyday Oil - Mainstay 2oz
Daily Face Cleanser - Watermint Gin 150mLDaily Face Cleanser - Watermint Gin 150mL
B3 Supercharged Balancing Toner
Daily Face Moisturizer - 150mLDaily Face Moisturizer - 150mL
triRescue Eye CreamtriRescue Eye Cream
triRescue Eye Cream Sale price$21.00
Tonka Bean Beard Replenishment Oil - 30mLTonka Bean Beard Replenishment Oil - 30mL
Shave Cream - Watermint Gin 100mLShave Cream - Watermint Gin 100mL
Wash No. 1Wash No. 1
Wash No. 1 Sale price$23.00
Wash No. 2Wash No. 2
Wash No. 2 Sale price$23.00
Wash No. 3Wash No. 3
Wash No. 3 Sale price$23.00
Shine Silicone Personal Lubricant - 8ozShine Silicone Personal Lubricant - 8oz
Soak No. 2 - Nourishing Mineral Bath Salts - 4ozSoak No. 2 - Nourishing Mineral Bath Salts - 4oz
James Eau de ParfumJames Eau de Parfum
James Eau de Parfum Sale price$77.00
Hydrating Oil - 30mlHydrating Oil - 30ml
Hydrating Oil - 30ml Sale price$30.00
Balancing Serum - 30mlBalancing Serum - 30ml
Balancing Serum - 30ml Sale price$30.00
Natural Tinted Lip Balm - Billie .3ozNatural Tinted Lip Balm - Billie .3oz
Natural Tinted Lip Balm - Faye .3ozNatural Tinted Lip Balm - Faye .3oz
Antioxidant Facial Hydrating Lotion
Body Wash - 12 fl oz
Body Wash - 12 fl oz Sale price$12.00
Save $25.00Calm Skin Kit
Calm Skin Kit Sale price$26.00 Regular price$51.00
Conditioner Bar - The Fixer
Conditioner Bar - The Hydrator
Detoxifier Conditioner Bar
Exfoliating Agave ClothExfoliating Agave Cloth
Exfoliating Agave Cloth Sale price$12.00
Glacial Clay Cleansing Mask
Lotion - 12 fl oz
Lotion - 12 fl oz Sale price$14.00
Sensitive Purifying Toothpaste - 100mLSensitive Purifying Toothpaste - 100mL
Sensitive Purifying Toothpaste - 20mL
Shampoo - 12 fl oz
Shampoo - 12 fl oz Sale price$12.00