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Ferm Living

Ferm Living

Based on a passion for authentic design and with responsibility at the heart of every choice they make, Ferm Living creates honest products and calm environments that inspire you to balance the contrasts in life.

Working with artisans around the world, Ferm Living fuses their Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions. Their collections are defined by soft forms, rich textures and curious details that let you create composed atmospheres with a touch of the unexpected.

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Sold outVerso Vase - BlueVerso Vase - Blue
Verso Vase - Blue Sale price$136.00
Sold outShell PotShell Pot
Shell Pot Sale price$131.00
Hale Oven Mitt - Sand/BlackHale Oven Mitt - Sand/Black
Twofold Knit Cloth (Set of 2) - Bright Blue/Off WhiteTwofold Knit Cloth (Set of 2) - Bright Blue/Off White
Sold outTwofold Knit Cloth (Set of 2) - Chocolate/Off-WhiteTwofold Knit Cloth (Set of 2) - Chocolate/Off-White
Sold outTwofold Knit Cloth (Set of 2) - Sand/BlackTwofold Knit Cloth (Set of 2) - Sand/Black
Plant Box - Small Cashmere
Plant Box - Small Cashmere Sale price$116.00
Sold outPlant Box - Small Black
Plant Box - Small Black Sale price$116.00
Avant Candelabra - BlackAvant Candelabra - Black
Avant Candelabra - Black Sale price$116.00
Bowl Candle Holder - CeramicBowl Candle Holder - Ceramic
Bowl Candle Holder - Dark GreyBowl Candle Holder - Dark Grey
Curvature Hooks (Set of 3) - BrassCurvature Hooks (Set of 3) - Brass
Curvature Hooks (Set of 3) - Black BrassCurvature Hooks (Set of 3) - Black Brass
Curvature Hook - BrassCurvature Hook - Brass
Curvature Hook - Brass Sale price$49.00
Curvature Double Hook - BrassCurvature Double Hook - Brass
Curvature Double Hook - Black BrassCurvature Double Hook - Black Brass
Ripple Glasses (Set of 4) - Clear
Ripple Long Drink Glasses (Set of 4) - Clear
Sold outRipple Wine Glasses (Set of 2) - Clear
Ripple Champagne Saucers (Set of 2) - Clear
Sold outRipple Carafe Set Small - Clear
Ripple Long Drink Glasses (Set of 4) - Smoked Grey
Sold outRipple Glasses (Set of 4) - Smoked Grey
Sold outRipple Wine Glasses (Set of 2) Smoked
Sold outRipple Champagne Saucers (Set of 2) - Smoked Grey
Sold outRipple Carafe - Smoked Grey
Star Advent Calendar - Wide (Sand/Black)Star Advent Calendar - Wide (Sand/Black)
Star Advent Calendar Narrow - Sand
Sold outSpeckle Wall Vase - Off WhiteSpeckle Wall Vase - Off White
Lines Glass Christmas Ornaments - Green (S/4)
Lines Glass Christmas Ornaments - Red Brown (S/4)
Grib Toolbox - BlackGrib Toolbox - Black
Grib Toolbox - Black Sale price$103.00
Hale Tea Towel - Olive/GreenHale Tea Towel - Olive/Green