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Daily Ritual

Daily Ritual

Shop our favourite necessities for daily use, made simply and beautifully to enhance your everyday rituals.

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KUMI Stoneware Espresso Cups With Saucers S/2 - Espresso
KUMI Stoneware Mug with Handle 9.8oz - Espresso
KUMI Stoneware Sugar Bowl - Espresso
KUMI Stoneware Creamer - Espresso
Perla Knit Dish Cloth 3pk - Moonbeam
Perla Knit Dish Cloth 3pk - Nomad
Perla Knit Dish Cloth 3pk - Elephant
Knitted Towel - Moonbeam
Knitted Towel - Moonbeam Sale price$22.00
Knitted Towel - Nomad
Knitted Towel - Nomad Sale price$22.00
Knitted Towel - Elephant
Knitted Towel - Elephant Sale price$22.00
Yuragi Hurricane Lamp - Moonbeam (Cream)
Yuragi Hurricane Lamp - Nomad (Taupe)Yuragi Hurricane Lamp - Nomad (Taupe)
Yuragi Hurricane Lamp - BlackYuragi Hurricane Lamp - Black
Miyabi Ceramic Vase - Moonbeam (Cream)
Miyabi Ceramic Vase - BlackMiyabi Ceramic Vase - Black
Trail Tumbler 20oz - Sand Beige
Trail Tumbler 37oz - Sand Beige
Trail Tumbler 20oz - Black
Trail Tumbler 37oz - Black
Ceramic Lab Canister - White 100mL
Ceramic Lab Canister - White 400mL
Ceramic Lab Canister - White 650mL
Ceramic Lab Canister - Black 100mL
Ceramic Lab Canister - Black 400mL
Sold outCeramic Lab Canister - Black 650mL
Sold outStacking Mug - White
Stacking Mug - White Sale price$15.00
Stacking Mug - Terracotta
Stacking Mug - Terracotta Sale price$15.00
Stacking Mug - Grey
Stacking Mug - Grey Sale price$15.00
Mini Tea Tube - Bombay Chai
Mini Tea Tube - Chocolate
Mini Tea Tube - Peppermint
Oak + Moss Soy Candle
Oak + Moss Soy Candle Sale price$32.00
Spruce + Amber Soy Candle
Spruce + Amber Soy Candle Sale price$32.00
Sweet Balsam Soy Candle
Sweet Balsam Soy Candle Sale price$32.00
Tobacco + Vanilla Soy Candle